We worship in person in our sanctuary at 10am!
Starting in July 2022, surgical masks in worship will be OPTIONAL. 
Some people will still wear them due to particular vulnerability of their health,
and there is plenty of space in the sanctuary to spread out for physical distancing. 

The COVID-19 virus is still with us, but we celebrate that cases in Mason County
have dropped into a low risk level. Should cases spike again,
we will adjust our practice to protect everyone's health.


The Three General Rules of Methodism
1. Do no harm
2. Do all the good you can
3. Stay in love with God



Wherever you are on your spiritual journey,
you are welcome here.


At Shelton UMC, our purpose is to offer

a place to belong authentically,

ways to grow in mind and spirit,

and opportunities for transformation.


We transform ourselves, our community,
and our world through loving action.

We do this by following the Way of Jesus.

We welcome you to

celebrate, exchange support and encouragement

in knowledge, faith, and love
with passion, gratitude, and hope

We'll be glad you did!

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