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Due to our efforts to protect the community from COVID-19,
in-person worship is currently suspended.

Our gathering on Sunday mornings follows a pattern that Christians have used for many centuries.
Sometimes individual elements get arranged in a different order, but there are four main movements:
Gathering, Listening, Responding, Sending.

We Gather

Humans need companions. You can love God on your own, but it takes other people to learn and practice loving our neighbors.
So, we gather with whoever God leads to show up. We greet one another and try to see the face of God in them.

We remind ourselves we're not alone, but connected in God's big, wacky family.

We make announcements about what God is up to in our midst, and how we're being led to serve God in our community.

We look out for new faces and offer welcome, as Jesus did. We always want to invite others to connect.
We sing songs of praise to God, to celebrate, and to remind us how many blessings we have.
We pray together, to focus all our minds on where we are, and open ourselves to hearing God speak.

We Listen for the Living Word

We read and listen to passages from the Bible. We ask the Holy Spirit to speak to us and give us wisdom.
We sing songs that remind us of God's teaching. We hear people share their experience of God.
Our pastor gives us a message about how the ancient scriptures may speak meaning to our lives today.

We pray to be open to God's call for transformation in our lives.

We Respond to God

We give thanks! We sing and pray as we consider the message we've heard.

We give offerings of money to practice generosity, to break the hold money has on us, and to support the ministries local and global.

We consider how God is calling us to change our hearts and lives today.

On the first Sunday of the month, we celebrate the Lord's Supper (aka Communion).

We are Sent Out with Blessing 

to be a blessing to others and live abundantly

We leave with a new thought, a challenge, a way to take action.
After worship, we stay for conversation and snacks - especially to get to know new people looking for a place to belong.

During the week, we come together again in smaller groups to learn, to serve others, to pray,
and to accompany one another - in lots of different ways - on the path of life and faith that Jesus modeled.


Shelton United Methodist Church welcomes you to worship with us at 10 am each Sunday




1900 King Street

Shelton, WA 98584



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